Postcard Printing

postcard or post card is a rectangular piece of thick cardstock paper intended for writing and mailing without an envelope. Shapes other than rectangular may also be used. 

Postcards are an attention-grabbing and eye-catching way to promote your business and any special offers or promotions you might be running at the time. Postcards can promote your website, inform customers of newsworthy events, or an invitation to a special event, among other uses. Postcard marketing success depends not only on the quality and number of clients on your list, but also on the content and design of your postcards.

Special Sized Full Color Custom Postcard

The first choice you need to make is between sizes. Smaller postcards are more discreet and traditional, and may be better for pre-existing customers who are more likely to pay attention to your promotional materials. Larger postcards are louder and more likely to grab the attention of a potential customer. What you choose depends mostly on which size you feel better represents your business and your purpose for the mailing.

You also need to promote something specific with the postcard. You can send out a postcard simply in order to announce your business. You can promote a special offer, valid only with the postcard, or a discount available to the first 50 customers to sign up. Whatever you choose, make sure your postcard is promoting a valuable offer that you think people will really be interested in. Even if they don't take advantage of it, your brand value is increased in consumers' eyes.

Full Color Postcard Uploaded by Customer

You need to create a compelling and eye-catching design for your postcards. Play with colors and fonts before you send off the final printing. Make sure your post card highlights the most important information with a bigger or different font, or a contrasting color. Use contrasting colors, but don't make the postcard tacky. Get a second opinion if you don't have an eye for design.

Create great, error-free copy for your postcards to call customers to action. Make sure everything you write is easy to understand and free of all spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. Make it clear what you want your customers to do, whether it's coming to the new location or special event, or logging into your website to use a promotional code. Use attention grabbing words to keep your postcard from getting trashed with the rest of the "junk" mail. "Save," "free" and "announcing" are great ways to introduce your offer. "Comfortable," "outstanding" and "quality" are superb words to describe your product.

Remember, don't make your postcard tacky or gimmicky. Most consumers are pretty saavy these days and will see right through a "special offer" that isn't so special. People will respond better to a brand that really appears to have their best interests in mind and is able to convey that care through their mailings.  

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