Hinkle Printing is your leading provider of custom designed signs for your business, vehicle and home. Create your custom sign for your business information and promotional needs! Make your business or event easy to find with the right signs and visual graphics. Visability is one of the most important parts of your sign. A point to consider is choosing a sign size that is appropriate for the expected viewing distance, the location the sign will be placed, and any obstacles that may be between your sign and those trying to view it.

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We carry the largest selection of durable materials, including metal, for signs in all shapes and sizes for custom outdoor signs anywhere!
Start advertising your business today by creating your own professional custom sign design! 


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Exterior signs help your Business and Events get noticed!


Advertising Can Be Done in Many Ways!

Depending on indoor or outdoor sign usage, the United States Sign Council suggests that the best results come from a sign that is about 43% text and 57% blank space. Keep this in mind when designing an outdoor sign...less can be possibly more! Too much information on an outdoor sign will make it appear crowded and hard to read. The opposite is true for an indoor sign. For your outdoor sign, just use essential information about your special event or company. 






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