brochure is a useful promotional printed piece of paper, commonly used for advertising. Brochures are eye catching documents used to introduce a company or organization's promotional material and contains information about products or services to a specific audience. They present and organize a larger amount of information than flyers or posters. Brochures can be folded into a leaflet or pamphlet.

Full Color Brochure

An eloquent brochure is an effective marketing tool. The public takes little time to look through a brochure, so use these very important seconds to catch the reader’s perception and present your business in the best light. 

Write an appealing headline. You want your headline to capture the reader’s attention and encourage them to read further. Asking a question, communicating a benefit, addressing a need or a fear are all good ways to do this.

Address the reader as ‘you’. Talking about yourself in the third person and referring to your readers as customers will make your copy sound corporate, cold and lacking in personality. Instead, use ‘we’ and ‘you’. The text will speak directly to the reader and ensure your brochure is more personal and memorable.

Keep your language clear.  Keep it short, simple and with direct sentences. Stay with one idea per sentence.  

Split paragraphs into ‘chunks’. Big blocks of text are a struggle to read and tend to put people off. Instead, break your text up into smaller, more manageable blocks. Combine this with short, explanatory sub-headers and your readers will scan through your brochure and easily find the information they want.

Bullet points and numbered lists are ways to avoid bulky chunks of text. People’s attention are drawn to lists, so they’re an effective way to pass along information that’s easy to summarize. 

Ask a friend to read your brochure aloud. Getting someone to read out your brochure can highlight the following:


Proofreading is a valuable exercise and essential before you get your brochure printed.

Creating a Simple Brochure



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