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Provide customers and clients with a colorful reminder of your business using customized rack cards. 

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Created with premium-quality card stock with a glossy finish, these rack cards offer a durable way to keep your business on the minds of customers.

Full Color Rack Card

Rack Card Printing Tips

A rack card is often the first impression a potential customer or client will have of your business or service and the importance of first impressions can not be understated. In order to make the best possible impression with your rack card, there are some important printing tips to take into consideration. 

Choosing a cheaper, less quality paper might provide you with some instant savings, but will cost you in the long run. A rack card is an extremely efficient marketing tool and will reflect to your potential customers or clients that your business or company appreciates and knows quality and excellence. A quality product will also last for a longer time thus creating advertising continuity and increasing their impact and potential. 

It is worth your time and money to seek the help of a professional designer. A rack card is most efficient in a high traffic sites and your potential clients or customers will have just moments to glance at your card among the many others advertising their products and services. Therefore, not only should the design of your card grab their attention, but keep it. As the saying goes, less is more. If you can show an appreciation for their valuable time by giving them all the important information they need to know up front in an efficient and eloquent way, you significantly increase your advertising impact and successful results.
Nothing puts off a potential customer or client than finding a typo or grammatical error on your rack card. A company or business that did not take time to proofread its advertising material or ensure that they are adeptly reflected on their calling card, signals a lack of care and an overall quality of negligence. Fixing a subsequent error after printing will cost a company or business much and will result in other losses like that of potential clients or customers who saw the initial misprinted rack cards. 

Although rack cards tend to have a standard size, 4 inches by 9 inches, it is possible to have an increased impact with a different size. The option of placing rack cards on counter tops, for example in a hotel lobby or doctor's office, can give you the flexibility to print on a larger size for increased impact. On the other hand, if your plan to place your rack cards on a conventional stand, you might suffer losses or have your rack cards result in an unsightly mess if you choose a wrong size so be sure to do your research first before choosing the optimal size.


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